facexer.exerciser@gmail.com EXERCISER/MASSAGER FOR HEAD, FACE, NECK and HAND MUSCLES,BONES, CONNECTIVE TISSUE, SKIN. No batteries, wires, electromagnetic or other harmful fields or moving parts. The method of exercising with FACEXER is a tangible natural resource to maintain health, youth, energy and mood in a great condition, utilizing exercises for face, head and neck muscles. FACEXER has been developed to keep the facial bones, muscles, skin / breathing/digestive systems/ brain at a good working stage.
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Gentle Exfoliation and FacExer

The definition of "exfoliation" is: to remove dead skin cells from surface of the skin. Our skin is the largest and it's outer surface layer is one of the youngest organ of the body. Upper layer of the skin - epidermis - renew every two to four  weeks. Dead cells are constantly shed and replaced by young cells from the lower layers of skin.
This rapid turnover occurs because skin is the body's outer protection and is exposed to sun, pollution and injury. Despite this constant renewal, we still get wrinkles as we get older. That's because the skin loses collagen and elasticity with age.

Tips from  FacExer:

   1)  FacExer exfoliates your skin gently during exercising because adhesive nature of material FacExer made from. Just rinse FacExer under a tap with warm water periodically to flush away dead skin cells. After continued use the adhesive ability of FacExer can be fully replenished by washing it with soap and water.

     2) When your skin is exfoliated, your dead skin cells are removed from outer layer and younger cells are exposed. Then you exercise your muscle underneath. Important: never pull your  skin away from the  muscle. FacExer  is shaping and fitting exactly to you, embracing your  particular forms, gently holding skin in place to prevent wrinkle formation during exercising. Exercises  will trigger elastin growth with new skin cells. Exercising with FacExer promotes blood flow to your face and neck muscles hence to skin, which makes your skin heather, firmer and radiant.

   3) Dull, lifeless, tight and itchy after cleansing skin is frequently one of the signs of dehydration.  




   Skin hydration depends on different factors, including diet, weather condition, air quality, habits, hormonal imbalance etc.  Skin will lose its moisture faster in a dry closed environment during your car or air travel, and due to exposure to environmental pollutants, such as ultraviolet radiation, cigarette smoke, and many other compounds present in the environment.

     Our skin is naturally acidic. Excreted from the skin's sebaceous glands oily or waxy matter, called sebum, lubricates and waterproof the skin , mixes with secretions of the sweat glands to create the skin's pH. Exercise with FacExer to promote  healthy function  of your skin. 

How To Perfect Long Lasting Makeup with FACEXER.

       Do you know that our skin absorbs a lot of chemicals, dragging them into our system?

       Yes, our skin is a perfect outermost protection from environmental pollution. It's sweat and oil (sebaceous) glands, originated in the skin's deeper layer - dermis - release sweat and sebum (oily substance) which create skin's natural barrier. 

Image is courtesy of "Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology" F.H.Martini,et al.

        In order to overcome the skin’s excellent barrier function formulation scientists often employ skin penetration enhancers (SPEs) in topical and transdermal formulations. The effects of these compounds on skin health are still not well understood at the molecular level. "Influence of skin penetration enhancers on skin barrier function and skin protease activity" ( Diar Mohammed at al., 2014)

        The common mistake is the application of the makeup on the skin which just has been cleansed and exfoliated. You have just removed your skin's natural protective barrier! Then the skin is starting to absorb the moisture (and chemicals ) from your makeup, practically ruining your makeup and eventually the skin itself.

         It will take just only a few minutes using The Method of Exercising With FACEXER.  Exercises will restore and adjust the work of your skin glands, which also creates a natural protective layer. Before applying any type of makeup first start with face and neck exercises using FACEXER  (you can apply your favourite moisturizer while exercising.)


FACEXER is working as a little iron, evenly rolling in moisturizer to the tiniest folds of your skin, straightening them up. Massage  is working as a gentle lymph drainage enhancer, reducing face puffiness. Exercises reduce tissue swelling; work as decongestant, gently massaging your skin. Exercises will restore and adjust the work of your skin glands, mix their secretions and apply them evenly onto the skin to create a natural protective layer.

         Perfect result: your skin will be evenly and well hydrated and a natural protective barrier will be created to prevent further absorbing of the moisture from the makeup.


Next recommendations how to perfect long lasting makeup we borrowed from former French model Yvette Pontiac. She is 95-year old beautiful woman with a lot of experience in skin care and makeup techniques.  

As a stroke survivor, she have started using FACEXER two  years ago for her workout for her muscles of facial expressions. Totally recover after stroke, she still using FACEXER for her exercises and makeup corrections. Here is her advice:

 “I am using cold dry FACEXER to remove excess makeup, pressing FACEXER against the skin. It will also help makeup look more like my natural skin, makes it last longer.”

Note, that FACEXER tolerates freezing and boiling temperatures.


You can use FACEXER as a massage tool. Multiple benefits of exercising with FACEXER include increased flow of oxygen into your skin, detox and lymph drainage.

Our method of using FACEXER is unique instrument for workout muscles above the shoulders similar to the workout for the rest of body muscles using multiple exercise gym equipment, free weights and weight machines etc.

FACEXER  is a portable handheld exercise equipment intended for general physical conditioning and/or for the development of athletic abilities in individuals who lack physical impairment.  

Warning: Before beginning any exercise program, you should always consult with your doctor or physician, particularly if you have or suspect any sort of medical condition that might be worsened by exercise. Although exercise is beneficial to most people's skin, it can also exacerbate certain skin conditions. If in doubt, consult your doctor or physician

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      FacExer is an exercise equipment intended only for general physical conditioning and/or for the development of athletic abilities in individuals who lack physical impairment.