facexer.exerciser@gmail.com EXERCISER/MASSAGER FOR HEAD, FACE, NECK and HAND MUSCLES,BONES, CONNECTIVE TISSUE, SKIN. No batteries, wires, electromagnetic or other harmful fields or moving parts. The method of exercising with FACEXER is a tangible natural resource to maintain health, youth, energy and mood in a great condition, utilizing exercises for face, head and neck muscles. FACEXER has been developed to keep the facial bones, muscles, skin / breathing/digestive systems/ brain at a good working stage.
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Method of exercising using FacExer. Day 2.

“Method of exercising using FacExer” is a systematic routine for face and neck muscle strengthening using FacExer.
        Day 2. Muscles above your shoulders are relatively small, but they have the same properties and functions that the rest of the muscles around your body. In order to exercise muscles of the head, face and neck you have to follow the same rules when you exercise your body muscles.
        FacExer is a small but very powerful instrument for keeping your muscles in great shape.  “Method of exercising using FacExer” offers you particular routines in following order:
1. Make sure you give to your muscles at least 24 hours rest between exercising sessions.
2. Always wash your FacExer before and after each session of exercising.
3. Your skin should be free from environmental dirt, dust and pollution.
4. Use a mirror if possible.

5. Always start from the resting position “1” maintaining breathing patterns. Breathe deeply through your nose, feeling your entire torso expand outwards. Feel energy you brought to your body with fresh air. Slowly breathe all the way out.
6. Maintain proper “oral posture”: your  lips are closed, tongue is flat and resting on the roof of your mouth with tip of the tongue behind the front teeth. Your upper and lower teeth are in relaxed position and are not engaged.
7. Warm up your muscle tissue and joints prior exercising, release tension using warm up exercises (see Day 1).
8. Concentrate on what you are doing. All exercises will build strength by steadily resisting force.
Today you will start from the same exercises 1-3 from Day 1. These exercises involve the  majority of the muscles above your shoulders – muscles of the neck, chin, tongue, forehead, around your eyes, around the mouth .
     Repeat each exercise 5-7  times plus 5-10 repetitions more. Stop and check yourself if you feel warming sensation in the middle and lower face region. If not – repeat 5-10 times more till sensation arrived. Reduce amount of repetitions if pleasant warming sensation turns to “feeling burn”. Stop if you feel any uncomfortable sensation in your mouth and lips from friction. These delicate areas need more time to adjust, take it slowly.

       These three  exercises combine isotonic and isometric exercises for all groups of muscles above the shoulders and also involves some core, abdomen and back muscles. If you're doing sucking motion exercise for your tongue and mouth muscles properly, you also will naturally recruit muscles of the forehead, around your eyes, in your core, back  and abdomen muscles to steady your body .
    Today we also introduce following:

1. Forehead and upper face muscles Part 2.

Stretch FacExer and place it firmly over the forehead horizontally. Draw down on the muscles of the forehead as you trying to separate the forehead from the hairline. Pull down eyebrows as hard as possible, working against resistance of FacExer. Hold for the a count of 5. Repeat 5-10  times  then return to position 1.

2. Tongue and neck exercise.
Have the FacExer pressed against your mouth and chin. Stick your tongue in front and push the FacExer with tongue as hard as possible for count of 5.
Next, stick your tongue in front of you. This time have the FacExer placed on the right side of your tongue. Press against the FacExer as hard as you can (as if you’re trying to push the FacExer to the corner of your mouth). Hold for a count of 5. Then repeat this exercise with the left side of your tongue.

3.Cheeks forming exercise. Form an “O” shape with your lips, and insert small part of FacExer in your mouth , holding with lips forming “O” shape. Try to smile from the corners of your mouth. You can feel the cheek muscles contract. Hold for a count of 5.
       Now you can rinse your face and neck with water and apply your moisturizer.

  Wash and pat dry FacExer with soft tissue like a kitchen towel. Keep FacExer in provided cotton bag, away from the heat.