facexer.exerciser@gmail.com EXERCISER/MASSAGER FOR HEAD, FACE, NECK and HAND MUSCLES,BONES, CONNECTIVE TISSUE, SKIN. No batteries, wires, electromagnetic or other harmful fields or moving parts. The method of exercising with FACEXER is a tangible natural resource to maintain health, youth, energy and mood in a great condition, utilizing exercises for face, head and neck muscles. FACEXER has been developed to keep the facial bones, muscles, skin / breathing/digestive systems/ brain at a good working stage.
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Method of Exercising With FacExer and Brochure


FacExer is a portable handheld exercise equipment intended for general physical conditioning and/or for the development of athletic abilities in individuals who lack physical impairment.

     FacExer provides an external resistance for head and neck muscles workout  with the expectation of increasing strength, tone, mass, and/or endurance.
    Patented, designed and made in USA, FacExer has been constructed using  FDA approved materials of the highest quality.  
    FacExer is a very flexible exerciser for toning, conditioning, stimulating and strengthening muscles above your shoulders - head, face and neck muscles. Its unique functionality makes it of particular benefit when combining “method of exercising using FacExer” with your skin care, massage and workout routines.

     “Method of exercising with FacExer” provides health benefits because it is a well-balanced exercise program which can improve general health, build endurance, and slow many of the effects of aging as any exercise program  in general .The benefits of exercise not only improve physical health, but also enhance emotional well-being. 
      FacExer is YOUR personal exerciser which is shaping and fitting exactly to YOU, embracing YOUR particular forms, gently holding skin in place to prevent wrinkle formation during exercising.
      FacExer gives you a unique opportunity to perform resistance training using muscles of the head, face and neck. “Method of exercising using FacExer” is a workout which allows muscles to grow in strength together and prevent muscle groups from developing independently and out of synchronization.
      FacExer is allowing self-selected movement based on your anatomy. For example, if your jaw joint is limited in range of movement, you can accommodate naturally to the limitation with FacExer.
     On top of exercising the main muscles, FacExer will also require the input from various stabilizing muscles as well or you may recruit more muscles than just the group you're focused on. For example if you are exercising muscles of the upper part of your face you need to engage neck, tongue, core and back muscles to coordinate and hold your body steady during the exercises. Likewise, if you're doing sucking motion exercise for your tongue and mouth muscles, you will naturally recruit muscles of the forehead, around your eyes, in your core and abdomen to steady your body.
Numerous studies in sport medicine have demonstrated an increase of certain hormones during exercising that affect receptors in the brain and have been linked to mood state changes and the stress responses. We feel lighter and happier after a good workout!
“Method of exercising with FacExer” gives you unique opportunity to erase tiredness and unhappiness from your face and has a lot of benefits in terms of improving your appearance:
-exercising with FacExer combines isotonic and isometric exercises for all groups of muscles of your head, face and neck for faster results in less time spent for exercising;
- exercising with FacExer promotes blood flow to your muscles hence to skin, which brings more oxygen, nutrients, materials and that is why it makes your skin more radiant, firmer and healthier;
- exercising with FacExer improves your face expressions hence less negative expressions on your face promoting a younger and confident appearance;
-exercising with FacExer elevates your mood, you feel happier, younger and more confident.

Warning: Before beginning any exercise program, you should always consult with your doctor or physician, particularly if you have or suspect any sort of medical condition that might be worsened by exercise. Although exercise is beneficial to most people's skin, it can also exacerbate certain skin conditions, if in doubt, consult your doctor or physician.

  •        Important: Never remove logo tag from FacExer, never insert logo tag into your mouth. 


    Before you start:

  •  Wash your hands and the FacExer with soap and water. Prepare your skin: remove makeup, wash your face and apply your moisturizer as needed to keep your skin well hydrated during exercising. You can incorporate the FacExer within your daily skin care routine and massage.
  •  How many repetitions of each exercise should you perform? When initially beginning to exercise, perform one set of 5-10 repetitions of each exercise, and gradually increase number of sets over continued period of time until 5-15 sets are completed. We recommend you to vary repetition range performing three – four full exercising sessions a week: do five repetitions per set in your first workout, 10 repetitions  per set in your second workout, and 15 repetitions per set in your third workout. When you are happy with result, reduce amount of repetitions and exercise only in order to maintain your muscle tone and skin condition.

Remember: all exercises will build strength by steadily resisting force. Doing the exercises properly is important. Take your time and focus on each motion as well as the muscles you are using.

  •  How do you know if the exercising is working for you? You will feel the warming sensation in the region you are working out. It does mean blood flow is increased to the region of muscular work. When a muscle contracts, energy is used. The byproduct of this process is lactic acid which could build up with intense exercising and cause burning sensation. Reduce amount of repetitions if pleasant warming sensation turns to “feeling burn”.

Description of the basic exercises:

  •       Start from the resting position “1”– standing, sitting or lying down with focus on proper 'oral posture':  with lips closed, tongue is flat and resting on the roof of your mouth with tip of the tongue behind the front teeth, but not touching teeth. Your upper and lower teeth are in relaxed position and are not engaged. Lips are sealed together. Breathe deeply through your nose, feeling your entire torso expand outwards. Slowly breathe all the way out. Maintain that breathing pattern through every exercise described below.
  • Proper Oral Posture:
  • To check yourself for proper oral posture make a swallowing movement - your tongue should be on the roof of your mouth and lips are not moving.
  •        Warm up exercises.Warm up your muscle tissue and joints , release tension - we hold a tremendous amount of tension in our head, face and neck muscles. Warm up exercises are recommended before and after every exercising session.

Sitting position is preferable for warming up exercising.
Important: During any exercising your skin should be held in place by FacExer and should be moving in unison with muscle tissue underneath. FacExer is YOUR personal exerciser which is shaping and fitting exactly to YOU, embracing YOUR particular forms, gently holding skin in place to prevent wrinkle formation during exercising.

  •   Keep your right (left) hand with palm up parallel to the floor. Place FacExer on the top of your palm. Drop your forehead on FacExer and gently press it with your forehead 10 times. Important: use your neck muscles, not your hand to produce pressure.
  •   Press your right temple area against FacExer. Gently press FacExer 10 times with your temple area. Repeat for left side.
  • Press your right cheek area against FacExer. Gently press FacExer 10 times with your right cheek. Repeat for left side.
  •   Press your chin against FacExer 10 times. Then make 5 circles clockwise and 5 circles anticlockwise with your chin while still pressing FacExer.

1. Return to position “1” after each exercise.

2. Forehead, back of head, neck and upper face muscles .

Part 1. Stretch FacExer horizontally and press your forehead against FacExer firmly in order to stabilize skin. Lift eyebrows as far upward as is possible, working against the resistance created by the FacExer. Your tongue is pressing roof of your mouth. Hold in this position for a count of 5.

Part 2. Stretch FacExer and place it firmly over the forehead horizontally. Draw down on the muscles of the forehead as you trying to separate the forehead from the hairline. Pull down eyebrows as hard as possible, working against resistance of FacExer.
Hold for the a count of 5. Repeat as indicated then return to position 1.
   This exercise provides work out for head, upper face (forehead and muscles around your eyes), and neck  muscles.

3. Muscles of the lower part of the face, around the eyes and neck.

Place the middle part of the FacExer in your mouth between tongue and roof of the mouth. Press remainder of FacExer against your lips and chin. Do not engage your teeth. Hold the FacExer with your lips and start sucking motion with your tongue. A suck occurs with positive pressure and negative pressure. Positive pressure occurs when the jaw elevates, the tongue elevates to the hard palate, and the lips are sealed. Hold in this position for a count of 5. Negative pressure occurs when the jaw drops, the tongue moves away from the hard palate, cheeks contract, the soft palate elevates, and the lips remain sealed. Notice that majority of the muscle above your shoulders – muscle of the neck, chin, tongue, forehead, around your eyes, around the mouth - are engaged in this motion – isotonically or isometrically.

4. As you gain strength repeat exercise 3 creating more resistance by pulling the FacExer away from your face during suction motions.

The resistance applied should be less than the muscles are capable of overcoming. Resistance during exercises can be varied if desired, by moving the hand farther away from or closer to the mouth.

5. Tongue and neck muscles.

     Have the FacExer pressed against your mouth and chin. Stick your tongue in front and push the FacExer with tongue as hard as possible for count of 5.
Next, stick your tongue in front of you. This time have the FacExer placed on the right side of your tongue. Press against the FacExer as hard as you can (as if you’re trying to push the FacExer to the corner of your mouth). Hold for a count of 5. Then repeat this exercise with the left side of your tongue.


6. Jaw and neck exercise.

Start with your mouth open. Hold the FacExer with both hands, stretch the FacExer horizontally and place approximately one third of it around your lower jaw, applying pressure to keep your lower jaw open. Press the rest of the FacExer against the skin around your lower lip and chin. Try to close your mouth using nothing but your jaw muscles - do not move your head! Hold for a count of 5.You will definitely feel fatigue in your jaw and neck muscles after doing this a few times. Start out only doing 3-5 of these.

7. For the next jaw exercise you start in the opposite direction.

Start with your mouth closed. This time have the FacExer placed under your chin. Without moving your head try to open your mouth. Hold for a count of 5.

8. Cheeks forming exercise.

Form an “O” shape with your lips, and insert small part of FacExer in your mouth , holding with lips forming “O” shape. Try to smile from the corners of your mouth. You can feel the cheek muscles contract. Hold for a count of 5.

9. Lips chin and neck isometric exercise.

Put your lips in an exaggerated kiss position, press the FacExer around your mouth and chin in order to stabilize skin and “kiss” the FacExer. Hold for a count of 5.

10. Muscles around the eyes.

Shape the FacExer in order to create the hollow as shown on the picture . Close left eye. Having this eye in the hollow of the FacExer, press the FacExer against area around your eye, avoiding pressure on the eyelid. Lower your eyebrow working out against resistance created by the FacExer. Then squeeze muscles around left eye as if you are winking with that eye. Repeat exercise for the right eye.

11. Cheek muscles exercises with positive feedback and face expressions training.

Press the FacExer against your left cheek. Place your fingers across your right cheek in order to stabilize skin. Smile with your left cheek rising left corner of your mouth. You should feel resistance created by weight of the FacExer.
Perform this exercise for right cheek. Note: you can perform this exercise applying  2 FacExers  bilaterally - we offer discount for second Facexer.

Then proceed to the page "Oral Motor Exercises: Focus on jaw, lips, tongue movement and positioning." from main menu for more detailed and precise exercises.

  • FacExer is a small but very powerful instrument for keeping your muscles in great shape, that is why you have to follow systematic and particular routines in following order:

1. Make sure you give to your muscles at least 24 hours rest between exercising sessions.
2. Always wash your FacExer before and after each session of exercising.
3. Your skin should be free from environmental dirt, dust and pollution.
4. Use a mirror if possible.
5. Always start from the resting position “1” maintaining breathing patterns.
6. Maintain proper “oral posture”.
7. Warm up your muscle tissue and joints prior exercising, release tension using warm up exercises .
8. Concentrate on what you are doing.

Exercising with FacExer is your new experience. Remember: every time a new product is introduced to your daily routine, you may encounter a temporary reaction. Your skin must become accustomed. We recommend allowing at least two weeks for your skin to acclimate to exercising. Note:

  • Prior exercising: make sure your skin is free from any dirt, dust, pollution and any skincare product which could be irritant to your skin;
  • Wash FacExer with soup and water before and after exercising;
  • Reduce amount of repetitions and gradually increase it as tolerating.

Care of your FacExer: Before and after every use, wash FacExer by hand with soap and water. For storage dry FacExer with kitchen towel. Dry corn starch helps to preserve FacExer for a longer time while it is not in use. Because of the nature of the material, FacExer is sensitive to light expo-sure. We recommend storing your FacExer in dark dry cool area, using provided muslin bag, avoid hot areas.
Note: When you start using FacExer colour of your device may be will change from light amber or white to deep amber or dark honey colour due to environmental exposure of FacExer during exercising. Colour change is normal and does not influence FacExer properties. Our team decided to avoid any artificial and unsafe dyes and additives in our product and use medical grade materials. Your safety is more important for us then a glossy polish look.
Check your FacExer before each use and discard at the first sign of any damage.
Warning: FacExer is not bite resistant and we do not recommend engage your teeth in exercising activities. Do not exercise with any removable dental appliances in your mouth. Never chew on a FacExer. It could break down. Materials used in FacExer are safe but FacExer is not a food and shouldn’t be swallowed.
Note: FacExer is not a toy!
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