facexer.exerciser@gmail.com EXERCISER/MASSAGER FOR HEAD, FACE, NECK and HAND MUSCLES,BONES, CONNECTIVE TISSUE, SKIN. No batteries, wires, electromagnetic or other harmful fields or moving parts. The method of exercising with FACEXER is a tangible natural resource to maintain health, youth, energy and mood in a great condition, utilizing exercises for face, head and neck muscles. FACEXER has been developed to keep the facial bones, muscles, skin / breathing/digestive systems/ brain at a good working stage.
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Exfoliate and moisturise with FacExer.

exfoliate facexer moisturize skin

    Our skin is a complex organ which consists of multiple layers with different cells. During our skin care routines we are mostly dealing with its outermost layer – epidermis. Epidermis is our protection barrier from mechanical damage and germs invasion. Epidermis itself consist of layers – stratums - as shown on illustration below. You can see that surface layer of the skin is a stratum corneum. Top layer of a stratum corneum is a layer of dead cells which are constantly shed or washed away during our daily activities.
    Tips from Facexer:
    When you are exercising with FacExer, the elastic properties of the material work as a gentle mechanical exfoliator. It works very gentle removing the oldest dead skin cells form the skin surface. Simply rinse FacExer under a tap with warm water and pat it dry with kitchen towel to enhance exfoliating properties of FacExer.

Illustration from "Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology" F.H.Martini PHD

     Also the stratum corneum is water-resistant, it is not waterproof. Water from the deep spaces between cells slowly penetrates and hydrates skin layers, reaching its surface and finally evaporates into air. Skin hydration depends on different factors, including diet, weather condition, air quality in the room, habits, hormonal imbalance etc. Dehydration causes a temporary decline in skin flexibility.
    The skin water content helps maintain its flexibility and resilience, properties known as skin turgor. Skin turgor on the top of your hands and under the eyes is normally decreasing faster than of the rest of the body because of difference in the skin thickness and air exposure. To check your face skin turgor you can perform an easy test: grasps the skin on your cheek between two fingers so that it is tented up. The skin is held for 1-2 seconds then released. Skin with normal turgor snaps rapidly (in less than 2 sec.) back to its normal position. Skin with decreased turgor remains elevated and returns slowly to its normal position.
     We can’t survive without water. It makes up over half of our body and is essential for us to function properly, it keeps our skin healthy. But water we drink has a long passage towards outermost skin layers. Every sip of water makes its way through our intestines, kidneys, circulation, and only then - to our skin. That is why it is very important to hydrate skin from outside too. Skin care products - facial masks, creams and moisturises - keep our skin hydrated from outside. Top layer of the skin – the epithelial cells - may swell to four times their normal volumes in hypotonic solution. (Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology F. H. Martini). That is why some skin care products promise an “instant” effect. Unfortunately, some ingredients such as alcohol, fragrance, preservatives can irritate skin or cause allergic reaction.
      Tips from FacExer:
      Freshly made face masks are an easy and obvious way to hydrate your skin, feed your skin with healthy antioxidants, stimulate, nourish, moisturise… Apply your favourite mask (see also our recipes below) and exercise with FacExer. Exercising will bring blood flow towards muscles and skin, it will boost effectiveness of both – mask and exercising.

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