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Our Skin is Tired During Winter. FacExer and Protection From The Drying Effects Of Wind and Cold Weather

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Cold winter wind, low outside temperatures and dry warm air inside of the buildings is damaging our skin during winter. The main skin problem during winter is dehydration.

    The skin water content helps to maintain its flexibility and resilience, properties known as skin turgor. Skin turgor on the top of your hands and under the eyes is normally decreasing faster than of the rest of the body because of difference in the skin thickness and air exposure. To check your face skin turgor you can perform an easy test: grasps the skin under your eye between two fingers so that it is tented up. The skin is held for 1-2 seconds then released. Skin with normal turgor snaps rapidly back to its normal position. Skin with decreased turgor remains elevated and returns slowly to its normal position.
Skin hydration depends on different factors, including diet, weather condition, air quality in the room, habits, hormonal imbalance etc. Dehydration causes a temporary decline in skin flexibility.

    During winter you need to moisturise your skin differently.  Also the top layer of the skin  is water-resistant, it is not waterproof. Water from the deep niches of your skin  slowly penetrates and hydrates top skin layers, reaching its surface and finally evaporates into air. Your skin will lose this moisture in dry warm environment during night time .Moisturise your face in the evening right before going to bed - then seal this moisture with Vaseline or Aquaphoor ointment - they content petrolatum - skin protectant which helps protect skin from the drying effect of wind, cold weather and dry air. You will feel difference if you bring more blood flow towards the skin .

Tips from FacExer:

     Freshly made face masks are an easy and obvious way to hydrate your skin, feed your skin with healthy antioxidants, stimulate, nourish, moisturize… Apply your favourite mask (see also our recipes below) and exercise with FacExer. Exercising will bring blood flow towards muscles and skin; it will boost effectiveness of both – mask and exercising.
REMEMBER: you need to seal moisture received by your skin.
You can prepare your own fresh facial mask in a few minutes.
1.The most popular face mask with multiple skin care benefits for tired dry skin.
- egg yolk, (wash  egg with soap and water before using it) ;
- plain yogurt – 1 table spoon;
- honey (preferable raw and unfiltered) -1/2 teaspoon .

Mix ingredients together, apply on the face and exercise with FacExer for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with room temperature water.

Seal moisture in by using  any petrolatum skin protectant  creating an protective barrier ;

Important : remove excess protectant from the skin gently using absorbent tissue.


2. Banana mask.
As you can see from illustration below, provided by wps.prenhall.com, banana has PH very close to PH value of the human skin.

Mash up a ripe banana into a smooth paste, then apply it to your face and neck. Exercise with FacExer for 3-5 minutes, then rinse it off with room temperature water.
Another popular mask recipe calls for 1 table spoon of plain yogurt, 1/2 teaspoons honey, and 1 medium banana.

3. Avocado face mask.

Avocado has a very high content of a healthy fats (mono unsaturated fatty acids), Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamins B6 and B3, Vitamin C. That is why it is a great natural moisturiser. Mash up a ripe avocado into a smooth paste, add 1/2 of teaspoon honey to reduce PH, then apply mixture to your face and neck. Exercise with FacExer for 3-5 minutes, then rinse it off with room temperature water.

   Be creative, add almond oil or extra virgin olive oil to your face mask - it will provide soothing properties to the skin. Other oils suitable for masks include Shea butter, jojoba, coconut oil and rosehip seed oil.


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