facexer.exerciser@gmail.com EXERCISER/MASSAGER FOR HEAD, FACE, NECK and HAND MUSCLES,BONES, CONNECTIVE TISSUE, SKIN. No batteries, wires, electromagnetic or other harmful fields or moving parts. The method of exercising with FACEXER is a tangible natural resource to maintain health, youth, energy and mood in a great condition, utilizing exercises for face, head and neck muscles. FACEXER has been developed to keep the facial bones, muscles, skin / breathing/digestive systems/ brain at a good working stage.
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Your Facial Muscles Need Exercise Just As Much As The Rest Of Your Body. Great Results With FACEXER - Before and After

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Before and After Results. Real people. Real stories.


People who are using FACEXER on a regular basis and are happy to recommend it:

Yvette,96 y.o.: Facial exercises are part of my daily skin care routines for many many years, but now, when I bought FACEXER and started exercising using this personal exerciser,  I can feel and see the best results ever. You need to do neck and face exercises as part of a full face care routine, just like as with your body muscles. It is not about wrinkles, it is about muscle tone and strength. I feel energetic and uplifted - I feel great!




Irina.58 y.o.: I strongly recommend FACEXER as a way of staying healthy and happy. There are a number of different ways - surgical, medical, and chemical -  of keeping your face looking good, but FACEXER  is the most natural, healthy, and long-term beneficial way to stay young with exercises. If you have tried facelifts, chemical peels, pastes, gels, botox injections, etc., you know that all of them are short-term. Strong muscles -  is the way to go. Exercising with FACEXER are part of  my morning routines. I started to notice difference in the way I feel and look - happy and energized - almost immediately.


Chris, 63 y.o.:

I bought FACEXER and  I've been using this device  for about a month now as recommended, I can definitely attest that it works. Consistency is a key here and long-term use will only give you better results. I am using FACEXER with my favourite facial masks, and I have to admit that my skin looks brighter and firmer, fine lines are smoother, my facial muscles are more defined. I highly recommend this product for both men and women of all ages who truly want to correct, treat, and delay the overall effects of aging on their skin.


Magda 64 y.o. I was going to have a facelift surgery. My friend recommended to try FACEXER to build up muscles strength.  After I've got the method  I followed all the instructions given and slowly I could see how my skin tightened everywhere but mostly around my neck, which is where I needed it most.

Miriam, 65 y.o.

I love my FACEXER. Exercises make me feel better, healthier. Every day, before I go to sleep I have done my routine for a while now, and it's pretty amazing how you feel better, you look younger. Stay fit and energetic - with FACEXER it  really makes a difference.

Mary Ann 47 y.o.

Like any exercising program,  If you do the exercises they work. I bought FACEXER because I would like to improve my neck muscles. People have noticed that something is different about my face - they say I look well rested! I have chosen some of my "problem" areas to concentrate on it  in the morning. I rotate different exercises on different days. I have recommended FACEXER to women in their  30's, 40 ' s etc. It improves the firmness of your muscles and - ultimately -  skin. I have used all types of expensive creams and treatments and the results I got from using these exercises far surpassed any other produc.

I feel that exercising with FACEXER elevates my mood: I feel happier, younger and more confident;

Jeniffer, 68 y.o.

I found FACEXER advertised online so I decided to buy it. I am glad I did. The brochure explains all the exercises with pictures. Website gives a plenty of information and diagram where muscles are located. The workouts are simple,yet effective. You can do them while watching TV, doing house hold chores, just about any time is fine. I would recommend FACEXER and Method of exercising with FACEXER  to my family and friends.


Robin 56 y.o.:

I have been using Method of exercising using FACEXER  for about 1 week and am  starting to see a marked improvement. My eyes look refreshed, my mouth lines are smoother, and my jawline/neck is firming up. The exercises do seem easy, and as you keep practising them, and become more familiar with what you are doing. Looking in the mirror is a great way to make sure you are performing exercises correctly, and I feel energized and healthier throughout the day. I am 56 years old and do not want to do Botox or any other invasive measures. Exercising - It all makes sense. They're quick and easy, and I'm happy with the early results I have already seen.

Rita, 67 y.o. :

I have to admit I was sceptical about face exercises. I looked at all the reviews before I bought FACEXER. I have to say it works, I saw a noticeable difference, I was genuinely surprised. I am 67 years old,  I  have areas that I need to work on, but it is well worth it, I highly recommend FACEXER.


 Patty 42 y.o.

The exercises make sense and I can see how they would work when used consistently.

Rosa 53 y.o.

The product is working well on sagging skin after weight loss. It probably will work for fatty or double chin problems, also it  definitely tightened my hanging skin. It is  very easy to use, I will keep  exercising  as long as it does show the results. 


Tina B, 78 y.o. : I have decided to age naturally, I don't like any injections and toxins in my body. Exercises are the  natural way to maintain a healthy look. I've been doing daily facial exercises with FACEXER for about 6 months now using method of exercising I've found on www.facexer.com, and taking monthly photos to document any changes. I am very happy with result. And I have to say, I've seen some of the best results I've had since I start my facial exercising.






Jennifer, 61 y.o.: According to some studies neck strengthening can relieve arthritis pain. I bought FacExer for my facial muscles strengthening, but  these exercises somehow  eased  my morning neck pain.  I am naturally recruiting  my neck muscles during exercises with FacExer. I think it helps to stabilize my neck muscles. This is a very nice "side effect" .

    Eugenia, 89 y.o.  FacExer is a great exerciser for  muscle weakness due to aging and  illnesses. My husband's occupational therapist introduced FacExer during rehabilitation after his stroke. Unfortunately, he didn't use it, but we had exercises at home. Lately I have decided to try it for myself. I am using FacExer not for wrinkles reduction - it is too late for me. But I noticed it works for my left-side weakness. Also my therapist have noticed improvements in my speech, which is very encouraging after 2 months of exercising for face and neck muscle strengthening. I think my neck looks smoother as well.


  "As we age, we need to protect our  bones, joints and muscles, keep muscles healthy , ensure that we are able to do our  daily activities  and be physically active" - it is true for head, face and neck muscles.







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