facexer.exerciser@gmail.com EXERCISER/MASSAGER FOR HEAD, FACE, NECK and HAND MUSCLES,BONES, CONNECTIVE TISSUE, SKIN. No batteries, wires, electromagnetic or other harmful fields or moving parts. The method of exercising with FACEXER is a tangible natural resource to maintain health, youth, energy and mood in a great condition, utilizing exercises for face, head and neck muscles. FACEXER has been developed to keep the facial bones, muscles, skin / breathing/digestive systems/ brain at a good working stage.
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Best Face Self Massage With FACEXER

Face Self Massage with FACEXER

FACEXER has been developed to keep our facial bones, muscles, skin and  digestive system in a good working condition. FACEXER is a maintenance system created to preserve our functional reserve. Method of exercising with FACEXER is not a miracle remedy for the wrinkles, but a wonderful resource to  maintain our health, youth, energy and  mood in a great condition.

The massage* method in practice** is relieving muscle tension and loosening sore joints, improving puffy eyes and bags under the eyes, stimulating  the movement of lymphatic fluid, which helps the body thin out mucus and consequently contour the face.

    Remember to keep your tongue on the roof of the mouth during massage.

If you have 1 FACEXER, massage one side of the face, then the other. Use 2 FACEXERs for both sides simultaneously.

  1. Warm up the facial lymph.

To allow the flow of the lymph to be smooth, we will position FACEXERs in front of the ears. Hold for 3 sec, and then roll FACEXERs downward to your collarbone. Repeat 3 times.

  1. Forehead.

Put your FACEXERs on your forehead then roll them outward from the forehead towards the temples. Slightly press down FACEXERs on the temple regions for 3 sec., then roll down towards area in front of ears, passing the lymph line, stop for 3 sec., then roll FACEXERs downward to your collarbone. Slowly repeat 3-5 times

  1. Area around the eyes.

3a) Place FACEXER next to the outer corner of your eye. Roll on FACEXER underneath of your eye toward the inner corner of your eye and then from inner corner of your eye upward to the eyebrow and outward to the outer corner of your eye;

3b) Starting from inner corner of your eye roll on FACEXER underneath of the eye towards the outside corner , press lightly there,  roll  toward the temple, then roll passing right in front of the ear and down to the collarbone. Slowly repeat 3-5 times.

  1. The corner of the mouth.

To improve the sagging of the corner of the mouth, place FacExers on the centre underneath your lower lip, roll upwards passing both sides of your mouth reaching underneath of your nose. Maintain pressure, repeat 3 times. You can use more strength underneath of your nose, but your motion should be slower, so you can apply more pressure to the gum.

  1. Massage your nose, for higher arch of your nose.

Roll FacExers on both sides of your nose wings, and then push towards of the arch of your nose slowly. Repeat 3-4 times.

  1. Working on the lines around your mouth and nasolabial folds.

Place FACEXERs on the centre of your chin, push gently towards each side, passing the corner of your mouth and nose wings, towards inside corner of your eyes, where you press for about 1-3 sec. Then roll towards the temple and massage rolling down FACEXERs downward collarbone. Repeat 3 times.

  1. The Improvement of the lines around your mouth and nasolabial folds.

Place one FACEXER (or hand if you have only one FACEXER) on one side of the lower part of your face, use the other FACEXER to roll diagonally towards the inner corner of your eye. Gently press with FACEXERs underneath of your eye, then roll towards the ear, and then - passing along lymph line - downward to the collarbone. Repeat 3 times.

You should feel comfort, not the pain.

Repeat the movements described above for the other side of your face.

  1. Cheek area and nasolabial folds.

Place FACEXERs on the sides of the nose. Roll outwards perpendicular to your nose towards the ears, passing the lymph line – and downwards to the collar bone.

You can stand against the wall during massage – it will help to keep your posture and balance, gives you leverage to exercise.

  1. Cheek area.

 Press FACEXER to the side of your chin and in roll continuously upwards toward your nose, press for 3 sec., then roll away diagonally towards your ears, and roll down towards collar bone. Repeat 3 times.

  1. Removing sagging skin from the corner of your mouth.

Press FACEXERs against the corners of your mouth on each side, slightly bow down and roll FACEXERs against the muscle upward from your cheek towards your ears. When you reach your ears, lift your chin and roll down FACEXERs from the ear toward the collarbone.

  1. Targeting the double chin.

Place FACEXERs at the peak of your chin and roll towards the ear along the jawline. Use continuous motion towards the ear, then down to the collarbone. Repeat 3 times. Repeat more times if needed.

  1. Iron forehead wrinkles.

Slow vertical massage. Press FacExer to the right side of your forehead. Roll FacExer up and down vertically towards left side and then back to the right side.

  1. To complete FacExer massage put your FACEXERs on the centre of your forehead then roll outward from the forehead towards temples. While pressing down, use slow movement towards the temple, passing the lymph line in front of the ear and downward to your collarbone.
  • To help move toxins out of the body, drink plenty of water following the session.

* This product (FACEXER and massage) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

**General information about any massage: In the acute stage of any infectious disease, massage therapy is contraindicated. However, massage is appropriate for chronic and non-infectious cases, provided the client is comfortable. In general, acute stage of disease lasts for about three weeks; but it can persist for as long as three months. Chronic disease lasts longer than three months and may not immediately respond to conventional antibiotic treatment.  For example, symptoms of chronic sinusitis are less severe than those of acute, but can last for years.


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  • Jennifer Dirrigl on

    Very well done, Ina! Now I can sit in front of my computer and do my exercises along with your video. This will be a BIG help for me! Thanks, Jennifer.

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