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My Shoulder Operation. 2 weeks after.

2 weeks after op

I am now just 2 weeks after my shoulder operation and am amazed at how much better the exercises have become. I can now swing my arm slowly forwards and backwards, make little circles with my arm hanging down, bend and lift my elbow up to my shoulder and easily do all the other exercises. I am ready to go back to the physio but have to wait until week 3. Guess there is a reason for this so I'll will patiently wait and go next week.

So during the past 9 days I have (each day) been able to do new things with my left arm. The only part of my body I had trouble washing was under my right arm, but after day 7 I could manage to wash and apply deodorant (very important)! I struggled also with dressing and needed help with my bra, shirt, socks and shoes - the rest I could do. However, after again day 7, I could do all these things.

The biggest difference was taking my arm out of the sling and removing the strap around the waist. I re-applied just the strap around my arm and body and suddenly I had my lower arm in a better position and not stuck across my stomach. It was giving me arm and wrist ache as well - this has now gone too. I am concerned though, that when my arm is freer to move I must make sure I don't carry anything too heavy such as a full kettle etc. I do use my arm to carry a tea tray or ipad etc and for typing such as now and just hope  this is ok.

Pain has been non existent! I had only 3 nights in all when I was kept awake by an irritating stabbing ache but just took extra paracetamol and ibuprofen. I have not needed any more Morphine. I struggle with going to sleep and staying comfortable all night - I think I have had just 2 nights like this - guess it's just going to take time.

I'm getting fed up just sitting around and watching TV so have had friends around for lunch and walking mums dog around the village to pass the time. Feel restricted because I can't drive! If I get taken to town I feel 'out of sorts' cause I should be at work! This is the first time in my whole life that I have not been at work when I should be! In my mind I am itching to get back to work and feel I could manage - but guess it would be very difficult and I would probably do too much with my arm or someone would bump into it. The last thing I would want to do is slow the recovery up. This needs to be done right once and for all! I would be a nuisance to others around me as the would have to be helping all the time too. I don't like having to rely on others!

Although I'm bored I am also struggling with WANTING to doing things like reading or surfing the internet etc. I am a busy active person and would normally be cooking, sewing playing the ukulele or walking across the common with mums dog if I were on holiday and had nothing to do, but I can't do these things with a poorly shoulder. Never mind - onwards and upwards.

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