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My Shoulder Operation. Day Of Operation.

Day of operation

Well I arrived at 8am mentally ready and was told I was first on the list - great. I was shown to 'my' room 36 and was told this was just my room for the day. Nurse Louise attended to me as if I was the only patient in the hospital - wonderful! I changed into a gown with my dressing gown on and Louise, checked all my personal details. 
The surgeon and anaesthetist came to see me with loads of information and all was looking good. The left shoulder was marked up and I was given 2 ibruprophen and paracetamol. But after their team briefing they decided that as I was having a nerve block it would be better to wait til later on in the day so the block would still be active all night. 
And so the long wait began ... Cards, reading, snoozing, watching TV, listening to the radio with little visits from my nurse - Louise to check I was alright. 
1.45pm right I'm on the way up to theatre! Dying for a cuppa now!!!
Home now! Left hospital at 6.15pm so only just settling in at home. Op went well and surgeon thanked me for bringing in an interesting case! Pain will kick in tomorrow! Had a tasty scrambled egg with tomatoes, bacon and cheese - lovely!
Off to bed 9.30pm - had more paracetamol and got ibuprofen  at the ready for midnight with a biscuit  + morphine ready for the morning when pain begins, as arm block starts to wear off! 
Speak tomorrow!

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