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My Shoulder Operation. The Day Before Surgery.

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Shoulder surgery can restore full movement and strength of your shoulder, but surgical procedure is only reserved for advanced or severe shoulder issues.

This post was contributed by our guest author:

Margaret Watson from Woodbury, Devon, UK. 

  •         I am 59 years old and never been in to hospital for any kind of operations so tomorrow (operation shoulder day) will be a brand new experience. I am a 'full on' primary school teacher doing Forest School work all week with all ages 4-11year olds. I have taught in  this school for nearly 27 years and only had 2 days off in that entire time, so to be told I have to be signed off for 6 weeks and can't do a lot during that time (no driving for 8 weeks) I am thinking I will struggle just a bit!

       But I am focused and will write lists and a schedule to give my day routine, starting tonight with Blog writing.

  •    So why am I having this operation? Well last January 2016 I had the chance to join the school team for a 'Clip and Climb' challenge, but with a determined mind I HAD to climb and hit the buzzer at the top on all the climbs - result ... a ripped tendon. Funnily enough it only hurts when it gets lent on or aches a lot at night, hurts if I lift heavy things down from a shelf or lift a heavy branch or turn my arm back to reach for something. If I were 80 I wouldn't have the op cause I wouldn't need to do these kinds of things but in my job and at 59 it is a daily occurrence.
    •  With just 2 hours before an early night to go, I have to prepare myself carefully and get up at 6.30am tomorrow. I can drink water tonight but nothing from when I wake up tomorrow! Yikes!
      • I'll have a shower and take my dressing gown and slippers, a book to read but will leave my vary focal glasses at home (they need 2 hands to put on as delicate frames) so will take cheap reading glasses.
      • I must remember not to put make up on or wear any jewellery (including my wedding ring) hope it comes off! Thankfully I can take my phone to fiddle with!
      • Tomorrow I  have to be there by 8am and then probably the long wait until it is my turn. I'm having a block in the left neck to numb the shoulder and arm then a full anaesthetic, and will wake up with a sore throat from the tubes and an oxygen mask.  But then I get a cup of tea so that's all I'm going to focus on - can't wait. I've packed myself a sandwich and oaty biscuit to eat if it's a long wait in the afternoon as no one goes home until the surgeon pays me a visit after all his patients are done.

        • Right then all ready - done the clothes washing, tidied up the house parked up my car for 8 weeks and have just managed to pull off my wedding ring! I'm ready - let's do it!

        Speak tomorrow maybe?

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